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Every installation is as unique as its location. We can custom design the appropriate speaker configuration to fit your needs. We make available to each location a wide variety of speakers so that we can maximize clarity and depth in your establishment.


Touchtunes Virtuo

The World's First Smart Jukebox

Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that supports multiple entertainment services including the TouchTunes mobile app, PhotoBooth and Karaoke.

Not Your Father's Jukebox

26-inch widescreen format, intuitive user interface, and a huge selection of songs make it fun and easy to find the music you love.

Makes a Statement in Any Venue

Virtuo's sleek design and customizable rim and wall lighting helps to set the mood in any venue. Plus, an LED screen with 'Now Playing' messaging and a dynamic equalizer display commands attention.


Touchtunes Playdium

Music Profiles to Match Any Venue

Playdium is a breakthrough platform that allows venues to select from a variety of Music Profiles to tailor the experience to their unique vibe.

Promotes The Most Relevant Music

Music is core to the TouchTunes experience and our latest smart jukebox learns from the music most played in a location and adapts over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant.

Compact and Sophisticated

A 23-inch touchscreen, subtle lighting, and angled reflective surfaces create the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any venue.